FMG has added to its fleet of existing Asphalt Milling machines, the Wirtgen 3800CR Recycler. The 3800CR offers the ability to Cold In-place Recycling (CIR) a full-lane of pavement in one pass, stabilizing with either foamed asphalt “green mix”, or any other stabilizing medium such as asphalt emulsion. CIR represents an environmentally superior and economical advantage choice to rehabilitate and preserve severely distresses roadways. Recycling and reusing the existing pavement layer does away with the need for purchasing and transporting new aggregates. Not only does the customer save on the product that is used, but they also save money on transportation costs due to increased fuel cost. CIR is good on your wallet and the planet. A growing number of agencies are reaping the benefits of reduced project costs, shorter construction times, less inconvenience to motorist and neighbors, and dramatic reductions in construction traffic levels.

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