49ers Stadium - Santa Clara (In Progress).
Contractor: Turner/Devcon, Joint Venture (TDJV)
New stadium site preparation (Goodfellow/Top Grade Construction & Ghilotti Construction).


Tully Road Interchange Expansion at Hwy 101 (In Progress).
Contractor: RGW
Expand, remove and replace congested interchange in San Jose.

  • • 300,000 SF of A/C Grinding
  • • 90,470 CY Excavation
  • 45,200 tons of New A/C
  • 11,800 tons of Open Grade A/C
  • 7,485 LF Dike
  • 265 Working Days

San Jose International Airport (In Progress).
Contractor: Granite Rock/Pavex Construction
Grinding the new roadways for new building terminal B and parking structures.

Hwy 92/880 Flyover Interchange (In Progress).
Contractor: Granite Construction
Working on one of the busiest roadway interchanges in the Bay Area.

Past Projects

Hwy 101 (Complete).
Contractor: Granite Construction
Remove and replace A/C in San Jose. A Federally funded mill and pave Caltrans project.

  • • 12,240,000 SF of 3"-4" A/C Grinding
  • • 135,000 tons of Rubber A/C
  • • 57,000 tons of Open Grade A/C
  • • 73 Working Days
  • • Liquidated Damages of $21,300/Day
  • • Late Lane Closure of $7,100/ten minutes

Stadiums (Complete).
Contractor: O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc.
Construction Period: 2/10 Cal State East Bay & 1/09 San Jose Spartan Stadium
Trenches dug out in order to install flat drains for turf fields.

Martinez Bridge Toll Plaza (Complete).
Contractor: Top Grade Construction
Construction Period: March 2008 to December 2009
Grinding twelve feet of solid asphalt; one of the deepest sections of roadway to date.

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Bay Bridge S-Curve (Complete).
Contractor: Silverado Contractors
Construction Period: August 2007 to November 2009
Taking part in the monumental task of removing both top and bottom asphalt concrete roadways, during the Labor Day Weekend Bay Bridge Closure.

Oakland Fuel Spill (Complete).
Contractor: Granite Construction
Construction Period: October 2009
Emergency response to immediately grind out all four lanes of damaged asphalt and concrete on SB Hwy 880.